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Freeing You of Lice

Get your child back to school the same day. Our treatments involve more than just putting product in your hair. Lice Rescue provides head lice treatments that remove all lice and nits (eggs) from your loved ones. These treatments are all natural, and we guarantee that you'll be lice free! We serve Cook County, Illinois, and the surrounding areas.

Head Lice Treatments

We offer stress-free options for you and your family. At the time of the initial comb out, all members of the household need to be checked for lice. This minimizes the possibility of reinfestation from other family members.

Mother and Daughter

Three-Step Comb Out

We start with a 20-minute comb in, using a patented enzymatic formula that kills lice in minutes by breaking down their exoskeletons. Lice do not develop immunity to this solution, which is not the case when using synthetic pesticide poisons.

In the second step, we apply a different comb-in solution. This solution dissolves the glue on the nits (lice eggs), making them easier to comb out.  This significantly custs down the time of your appointment.

The third step allows for an hour of combing out all visible lice and nits from the hair. Actual comb-out time will depend on the amount of hair being treated and the severity of the lice. This option is easier for kids.

Happy Family

One-Step Comb Out

In this treatment option, we do a comb out using an all-natural, enzyme-based oil while removing all visible nits and lice from the head. This takes approximately an hour from start to finish, depending on the amount of hair being treated and extent of the lice infestation. This treatment is a less aggressive option that our three-step comb out.

Follow Up

We recommend an aftercare visit seven days after the initial treatment to avoid reinfection. If you have questions, please contact us today. We're here to help.


VIP services we offer laundry to be bagged up and taken out of the house and washed with a lice killing enzyme based laundry soap and returned the next day.